Business Opportunity

Our Real Estate Investing education company has the ONLY Earn While You Learn program.  It is the equivalent of going to college and that college saying if you refer some of your friends, your tuition is FREE!  In addition, if you keep referring people, you will continue making great money that is as much as, if not more than what you are going to school to become!

Once you get started, I personally walk you through every step and meet with you regularly to make sure you are successful.  This program is structured to make sure we mentors take care of our new team members, and without a doubt, I will do just that!

One of the many ways I can support you is by offering marketing assistance.  Why reinvent the wheel, when I’ve already spent time and money in having marketing pieces created? Tracey Edwards will take brochures, flyers and trade show banners that I’ve used and reformat them with your logo and contact information.  In addition, I have partnered with Tracey to be able to offer my team members extremely low cost web design.  Examples of brochures, trade show banners and website are below.

So if you are interested in learning about Real Estate Investing and Wealth Development, while also making GOOD money, please fill out the form so I can send you some information TODAY!

Sample Marketing Pieces

TEA Front Brochure

TEA Back Brochure

TEA Student Flyer v1

TEA Student Flyer v2

TEA TS Banner

Sample Website Design